Tuesday, September 12, 2006

PopImage Blurbage

Over at PopImage.com, Brian Domingos is doing his monthy Previews review, and I found a really nice blurb about The Nightly News.

Moving to Image Comics, I’m excited to see a mini series from writer/artist Jonathan Hickman.

Hickman was one of the contestants in the first “CBR Idols” competition. His style looked like pages from Adi Granov dragged from a bumper for a hundred miles. They were stark with sketchy inks and a ton of attitude.

Hickman didn’t win, but now we get to see the project he’s been able to spend some time on. I for one am glad that he didn’t win at that time. It’s given him a chance to regroup and come back even stronger. Now he’s doing his own mini series – on his own terms

Thanks, Brian!

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